5 Dog Pill Pocket Bags, Bundle Deal!- Chicken- 3.2 oz. each

Chicken Pill Pockets
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  • Item #: 5 Dog Pill Pocket Special
  • Condition: New
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Pill Pockets- Chicken- 3.2 oz. (in each bag) for Tablets
QTY: 30 per bag and you are ordering a total of five bags! You can't beat that!
Net Wt/ Poids Net: 3.2 oz/ 90 g
"Makes pills a treat to give!"

"I went from struggling to give my dog Chaucer his pills every day and him hating when I pulled out the pill bottle to it being one of the highlights of our day! He comes running when I shake the pill bottle because he knows it's pill pocket time!"
- Dr. Bonnie V., VMD

"Greenie's Pill Pocket Treats:
-Offer a proven solution to your pill-giving problem
-Contain a built- in pouch suited for hiding a pill
-Make pill taking a positive experience for your pet
-Pets love them! "

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