Barkotti - Organic Homemade Biscotti for Dogs

1- 7- Barkotti - Organic Homemade Biscotti for Dogs
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Boutique Fancy Fluff ( BFF ) Presents

Organic Homemade Biscotti for Dogs

Barkotti are healthy all-natural and delicious, crunchy biscotti for dogs.
Barkotti’s vegetarian recipe is chocked full of vitamins and minerals mixed right in to the batter as whole foods.
Barkotti are filled with vitamin and mineral powerhouses like bee pollen, fruit and vegetables, which, when given in this biscuit, are highly absorbable by your dogs entire system.

The All Natural Dog Treat


It’s amazing that such a treat that is truly a health food. Dogs don’t know how good Barkotti are for them they just want more.

This tasty treat designed by a fellow Veterinarian, Dr. Harvey. He's got character and so do his treats!

Boutique Fancy Fluff is the your and your BFF's place to find all Veterinary hand selected products that either are healthier, higher quality, more Earth friendly or help enhance the human-animal bond!

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