Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food

Dr. Harvey's Canine Health the Miracle Dog Food
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Dr. Harvey's Canine Health-The Miracle Dog Food
The Finest All- Natural Dog Food
Please note the clear bag is now the new packaging for this item (the silver bag depicted is the past style packaging.
Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health is a revolutionary all-natural, holistic dog food pre-mix. Canine Health is made from 6 certified organic grains, 9 vegetables and 14 herbs.

Dr. Harvey uses only the finest organic and all-natural human consumption ingredients in Canine Health. Canine Health, this miracle of all natural dog foods, is made with no dyes, no preservatives, and no chemicals.

You Say You Want a Revolution
Canine Health is an all-natural and organic dog food pre-mix that, when mixed with protein and oil makes a complete and healthy homemade meal for dogs. This pre-mix is a revolutionary way to feed your companion. Dr. Harvey created this all natural dog food pre-mix to help guardians to have an easy way to make the healthiest daily diet for their companions. Canine Health allows you to feed healthy,fresh, homemade dog food for you canine companion every day. And that is a revolution!

When You Want The Best–Holistic Dog Food
When this super-healthy all-natural dog food is combined with fresh protein and oils, the result is the healthiest all-natural dog food available for your companion dog.

Homemade Dog Food Made Easy
You may already be preparing fresh food for your dog daily, but Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health all-natural dog food makes home-cooking easy. Really, you just add water, meat and oil and you have a finished fresh meal and most importantly you know that the food is balanced and complete.

The first time you prepare Canine Health you won’t believe how good it smells! Could this be dog food? Not really it’s is healthy, delicious, fresh food that you make for your dog. Balanced, preservative- free so good for their health and longevity.

There is truly nothing better!
No Dyes, No Preservatives, No Chemicals
Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health all-natural dog food pre-mix contains no dyes, no preservatives, and no chemicals, which is just one of the reasons that we have seen such amazing results when dogs are switched to eating Dr. Harvey’s.

Canned or Kibbled? So how is dog food kept from decomposing?
Answer: Preservatives and Chemicals.
What About Feeding a Raw Diet?
Dr. Harvey's says Canine Health is also a great addition for those who are feeding a raw diet to their companions. Adding meat and oil to make a complete meal is the very best way to use Canine Health. Any way that you feed Canine Health, your companion will thank you!

Cook for my dog? I don’t even cook for myself!
It is not really cooking! Canine Health is a food that requires some preparation, but don’t worry, it’s not preparing Thanksgiving dinner for your dog every night. In fact, Canine Health only takes 8 minutes, and it only requires hot water and a little commitment. But, what a difference it will make in your dog’s life. Dr. Harvey says, “Health begins in the kitchen!” Diet is perhaps the most important aspect to maintaining a dog’s health, besides love of course..

The Recipe- Couldn't be Easier
For Adult dogs 18 months-7 years
Makes 1 Pound Finished Food
Now don’t be scared, it’s not really cooking!

Step 1: Measure 3 red scoops of Canine Health. (scoop enclosed in bag) Put the mix into a bowl.
Step 2: Add approximately 8 ounces of pure hot water and mix.
Step 3: Let the mixture stand for approximately eight minutes until cool.
Step 4: Add your choice of protein approximately 6 ounces of chicken, turkey, beef, fish, eggs etc. The meat can be raw or cooked depending on your preference.
Step 5: Add 1 tablespoon of either flax seed oil, wheat germ oil, borage oil ,OR use Dr.Harvey’s Health and Shine
(You can also refer to the Directions that come with your Canine Health Dog food).

So Why The Miracle Dog Food?
Canine Health was introduced to the public in 1986. At that time, Dr. Harvey’s recipe had a different name. Shortly after the public found out about this new concept in dog food, people began to contact us and often they would start the conversation with " It’s a miracle! My dog got better on this food. It’s really a miracle!" So after we heard this over and over, story after story of how dogs got better from gastro problems, skin allergies, scratching, joint pain etc., by using our pre-mix and making their own dog food, Dr. Harvey's decided to call it what everyone else was calling it,
The Miracle Dog Food.
Detailed Feeding Instructions
Feeding Canine Health is easy to do. Once you get the hang of it, making fresh healthy meals for your dog becomes a joy. Most people feel that they could never go back to feeding canned or kibbled food. The benefits of feeding this way becomes so obvious.

Detailed Feeding Instructions
Amazing Results
Thousands have had remarkable success with this wonderful healthy all-natural and organic diet for dogs. When you feed Canine Health daily you too will see the amazing health benefits for your companion dog.

Sure it’s healthy, but how does it taste?
Now we know what you’re thinking, if it’s that good, my dog probably won’t eat it! You and your dog are in for a wonderful surprise. Dogs love the taste of Canine Health; even the most finicky of dogs will thank you by cleaning their bowls. Canine Health is, that good, in fact we would like to take this time to warn you that once your dog has a taste of Canine Health, he or she may never settle for anything else.

How much do I feed?
Canine Health is designed to be specific to the needs of the individual dog. This balanced food is fed based on body weight and age of each dog. An average size dog, 40-60 pounds, between the ages of 2 and 7 years will eat approximately 1 pound of finished food per day.

If you have a small dog, one pound will last for several days. If you have a large dog you will feed between 1 1/2 to 2 pounds of finished food per day.

A 20 ounce bag will make 8 pounds of finished food.
A 5 pound bag will make 33 pounds of finished food.
A 10 pound bag will make 66 pounds of finished food.

So if you have a medium size dog, a 5 pound bag will last you a month, and if you have a toy dog a 5 pound bag will last you for 2-3 months depending on the weight of your dog.

Detailed instructions of how to prepare this amazing food are enclosed in every bag.
It’s really so easy and so very worth it!

How Much Should I Buy?
A 20 oz. bag of Canine Health makes 8 one pound servings when prepared or enough for an average size dog for just over one week.
A 5 Lb. bag of Canine Health makes 33 one pound servings or just over a one month supply for an 40-60 pound dog.
A 10 lb. bag of Canine Health makes 66 one pound servings or just over a two month supply for the average size dog.
If you have a small dog you would need much less and if you have a big dog you would prepare more.
You base the feeding amount on the age and weight of your dog.

Easy instructions come inside every bag.
The prepared food can be store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. The prepared food may also be frozen in individual servings for travel or when leaving your companion with a sitter or boarding kennel.

Feeding Puppies
There is no better way to start your puppy’s life than to feed him a healthy, all-natural diet and Canine Health is that perfect food. Weaning directly to Canine Health is wonderful for puppies and is easy to prepare for one puppy or an entire litter.

Puppies love Canine Health and because you can adjust the consistency and protein content, you can tailor this food to be perfect for your puppy. It is therefore perfect for every stage of growth and for all size puppies.

Canine Health has been The Miracle Dog food for thousands of dogs who suffer from allergies. If you have searched for an answer to your dog’s skin allergies, digestive issues or upper-respiratory problems due to food allergies, Canine Health could be your answer.

Overweight Dog
Canine Health is perfect for your overweight dog, because your control the fat and calories, while feeding a fresh food your dog will love. Learn More About Obesity in Dogs

Don't Forget the Oil!
Dr. Harvey recommends using oil every time you make Canine Health. The best combination of oils that we have found are contained in Dr. Harvey’s Health and Shine. These golden capsules are the perfect combination of flax, borage and fish oil. Health and Shine will not only help with skin and coat, but has tremendous health benefits for all dogs and cats.

Just Right for Every Size Dog
We measure Canine Health in pounds and we recommend the amount to feed based on weight, age and activity level of each dog.
Because you are adding the protein, you can adjust the recipe for the specific needs of your companion. The easy-to-follow complete directions are enclosed in every bag of Canine Health.

Health Begins in the Kitchen Dr. Harvey has always taught that you are what you eat and your dog is what he or she eats too!

That is why it is so important to feed your dog foods that are fresh and chemical-free. Make the decision to feed your companion the very best food available, prepare a fresh, wholesome, healthy and balanced meal for him daily. It’s easy and makes all the difference in their longterm health.

In Less Than Eight Minutes...
Preparing Canine Health provides your dog with a quality food that is far beyond anything you could buy packaged in a can or as a kibble. How much time to prepare this incredible food? Less than 8 minutes!

Helpful Hints When Feeding Canine Health
Canine Health can be prepared and stored for up to 3 days in the refrigerator.
Canine Health can be frozen in individual servings for easy travel meals or for a dog-sitter or kennel. (Don’t freeze the oil) Most dogs transition to Canine Health with no problems at all, but you can add Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health to your current diet and transition in less than a week’s time. In fact, most dogs just start with Canine Health and never go back! In order to achieve all of the benefits of this diet, we suggest not mixing Canine Health with kibbled or canned food.
Rotating Protein sources every week is an essential part of feeding Dr. Harvey’s.
Make sure that you give your dog a variety of high quality meats and oils.
Have Questions?
If you are first-timer with Dr. Harvey’s you may have questions and we want to answer them. You can check Dr. Harvey's frequently asked questions section or go to Ask Dr.Harvey to ask a question that is specific to your dog.

How to Make the Change to Canine Health?
Dogs of all ages will benefit from Canine Health. Dr. Harvey suggests starting puppies on Canine Health as soon as they are weaned. But it’s never too late to switch! In fact, most of the dogs that we’ve helped are older dogs who have benefited from the healing effects of this all natural diet.

We Make It So Easy
Yes, if you have been feeding your dog canned or kibbled food, Canine Health may seem like work. The truth is that is really very easy to make. Canine Health if dehydrated and freeze dried grains,vegetable and herbs. All you have to do is add hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. To this mixture you add your choice of protein and oil and that’s it! The extra few steps are worth the effort many times over. Feeding this diet will keep your dog healthier and happier for his or her entire life.
You know they are worth it!
it really just takes a few minutes and you can make enough for a few days. Canine Health stays in the refrigerator for 2-3 days and also can be frozen for travel or for a dogsitter.

Is Canine Health Balanced?
Yes. The ratio of our food, when complete is 1 to 1.1 calcium to phosphorous. We use only calcium citrate, the most absorbable type calcium. Most foods that add calcium use calcium carbonate.

Helpful Hints When Feeding Canine Health
Do I have to use raw meat with Canine Health?
No. You can make Canine Health with raw or lightly cooked meat. Dr. Harvey's believe, that just like people, dogs are all individuals. We have found that many dogs do exceptionally well with raw meat and others with cooked. It is your choice to read and do what you find is best for your dog.

Don’t dogs need crunchy kibble to keep their teeth healthy?
Dr. Harvey's says that the idea that kibble or hard food cleans dogs teeth is a myth. It would be like saying our teeth get clean from eating pretzels.
Dr. Harvey's has found that teeth and gums stay healthy from feeding an all natural diet and teeth brushing. Hard crunchy healthy treats are great for giving dogs something to chew, but the diet is key to healthy teeth and gums.
Our foods encourage good health for the entire body and that certainly includes teeth and gums.

Can Canine Health Be Frozen?
Yes. Dr. Harvey’s pre-mixes can be frozen with or without the meat included. This is convenient for travel and for leaving your dog with a dog sitter. The most important thing to know about freezing it NOT to freeze the oil. The addition of oil is a very important part of feeding Dr. Harvey’s. The oil should be added to the defrosted mix just before feeding. The oil also should not be heated. If you use cooked meat, add the oil after you have cooked the meat, just before serving.