CocoTherapy Coconut Oil 16 fl oz

CocoTherapy Coconut Oil
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CocoTherapy® Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is made from the purest, fresh organically grown coconuts. The coconuts are grown in a USDA certified organic coconut farm.

CocoTherapy® virgin coconut oil is 100% pure and natural:

non-GMO (non- genetically modified organism)
cold pressed
NO trans fat
NO hydrogenated fat

16 fl oz / 473 ml (glass jar)

Please note this is a special order item please allow at least 5-8 business days for shipment.

Manufacturer's Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoon (5ml) per 10 pounds (5kg) of body weight, or 1 tablespoon (15ml) per 30 pounds (13.6 kg) of body weight. Start slowly, for example, start at a quarter of this and build up slowly. Use similarly for cats and other animals.

Cocotherapy's favorite method of dispensing: Simply place a tsp or so in the cupped palm of your hand and let the warmth of your hand melt the oil. Then let your pet lick the oil directly from your hand! Our pooches and kitties love it, and what a wonderful way to bond! Then rub any remaining oil on your own skin, and begin enjoying the benefits of soft, silky, skin! As with all new supplements, start with small amounts, such as 1/8 - 1/4 teaspoon per day for small dogs, puppies, cats and kittens and 1 teaspoon for large dogs. Gradually increase the amount every few days.

Marvelous Germ Fighter:

When coconut oil is eaten, the body transforms its unique fatty acids into powerful antimicrobial powerhouses capable of defeating some of the most notorious disease-causing microorganisms. The unique properties of coconut oil make it a natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiprotozoal food.

Lipid-coated viruses and bacteria are easily killed by medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which primarily destroy these organisms by disrupting their lipid membranes. Medium chain fatty acids, being similar to those in the microorganism's membrane, are easily attracted to and absorbed into it. Unlike the other fatty acids in the membrane, MCFAs are much smaller and therefore weaken the already nearly fluid membrane to such a degree that it disintegrates. Then white blood cells quickly clean up and dispose of the cellar debris. MCFAs kill invading organisms without causing any known harm to the other tissues.

Numerous reports published on discussion forums provide impressive anecdotal evidence on how coconut oil has cleared up smelly ear infections in dogs, "greasy or smelly" dogs with various skin infections, and even urinary tract infections in cats. The fact is, many of these problems are caused by microorganisms that have been proven to be killed by lauric acid.

Metabolic Marvel:

Protein-rich foods such as meat increases thermogenesis and have a stimulatory or energizing effect on the body. One food that has proven to rev up your metabolism even more than protein is coconut oil. The medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) shift the body's metabolism into higher gear, so to speak, so that you burn more calories. Because MCFAs increase the metabolic rate, coconut oil is a dietary fat that can actually promote weight loss.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, a well-know authority on nutrition and health, makes this analogy between the long-chain triglycerides and medium-chain triglycerides: "LCTs are like heavy wet logs that you put on a small campfire. Keep adding the logs, and soon you will have more logs than fire. MCTs are like rolled-up newspaper soaked in gasoline. They not only burn brightly, they will burn up the wet logs as well." (Murray, 1996)

This is why many pet owners have reported that their dogs or cats have lost weight after taking coconut oil on a regular basis.


have been using this product for a month now. My dog Lacey is no longer chewing her paws her coat is so soft and so are my hands! I am buying 2 jars tomorrow one for a friend who is sick of me raving about this stuff. Thanks for a great product!!

Sharene Novak Bloss

We love this line of products because they are hypoallergenic and universally accepted by dogs, cats, birds and small mammals, not to mention exceptionally beneficial for the body. It's hard to find a product line that can say that!

Dr. Karen Becker
Integrative Veterinarian and
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Natural Pet Animal Hospital

Our 13 year old lab has made a huge turnaround since we started him on CocoTherapy in December. He had a really bad smell and ears were not healthy. Now, he smells good, his breath is good, his ears are great and we can tell he has more energy. We are so happy with his progress. This is the only thing we have changed so it really works.

Susan Suggs
Paws Around Town in Oklahoma City

My 8 year-old English Bulldog has pretty severe allergies and gets these "interdigital cysts" on occassion. She has taken a weekly shot concocted by her veterinarian dermatologist for four years. After reading so much about Coco Therapy on this site, I put her on that 4 months ago. Last month, I took her off the shots. We have had a terrible pollen season this year in SE Texas, yet she has done fine on 2 Tablespoons of Coco Therapy oil per day--and no interdigital cysts.

Jay Kirsch Barker Street
Gourmet Dog Bakery and Boutique
The Woodlands, TX

Manny has greatly benefited from taking CocoTherapy daily. After just 3 weeks of taking the oil and chips, the bald spots on his chest and leg are starting to fill in with fur.

Now his leg hair has completely grown back! We had given up hope and had accepted the fact that we would have a dog with bald patches... and then we saw the CocoTherapy working it's magic on his legs. His legs started out with sparse hairs here and there... and then after three weeks it started to look like it was filling in... and now he's back to his full leg hair. His chest hair is still growing in. It's taking longer than the rest because it's where his hair loss had begun first. But I definitely see progress! And he has stopped nibbling at himself and itching at himself. I truly think it's because of CocoTherapy!

The doggies all got to share the CocoTherapy treats. They all LOVED them. They gobble the coconut treats. I never would have guessed that dogs would like coconuts so much. Even our kitty, Murphy, liked them too!!! They are also very good for them! Thank you!!!!!

Nikki Figular

I have been using the CocoTherapy coconut oil for a few weeks now but I can already see a difference in my dog. He has allergies and scratches alot, and was miserable this past Summer. I give him 1-2 tsp a day, 2x a day, and he has stopped scratching and chewing his feet. I mix it with his food, although I don't have because he would eat it right out of the jar if he could. I was skeptical at first, but now I am a believer. Thank you for this product, I would recommend this product to anyone who has a dog who constantly scratches and chews himself. I also give him the coconut chips for treats, he adores it.

Gordon Shuller

My dog is white and had terrible red tear stains on the corners of her eyes, that went beyond her cheeks. I was afraid to try Angel Eyes because I heard it contained antibiotics. My vet recommended that I give her CocoTherapy coconut oil, as it has anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, anti-virus and anti-yeast properties. I'm thrilled because not only has the red stains on her eyes cleared up, the red stains on her paws, from her chewing them have cleared up tool!! Thank you CocoTherapy! Your products are a miracle! I'm a fan for life!

Kris O'Neil
I just started using coconut oil for my dogs on the advice of a friend. I was a little skeptical but thought I'd give it a try. One of my boxers has the worst smelling breath I've ever smelled! We've tried treats, brushing, you name it...nothing worked.

After a little over a week of feeding coconut oil right from a spoon (they love it!), no more smelly breath!!! It's amazing! She's 6 years old now and a little white in the face. She's been slowing down lately too. Now she's up and playing while the other 3 are sleeping! Another of my boxers has very dirty ears. I could clean them every day and never keep up. Not to mention, it hurt her to have me clean them at times. Again, after about a week or so, not much in there to clean! I went a week without cleaning them too and they were wonderful and pain free! I love this stuff!!

Doreen Lamper Marsters

My dogs and I have never felt and looked better since we all started taking your coco oil! It's delicious as well, we both love the taste! I now recomend it to all my health nut friends! My sister's Golden mix Shelby, was diagnosed with canine lymphoma. She underwent chemotherapy, which resulted in a lowering in her white blood cells. Her vet recommended a special diet, which included coconut oil. Coconut oil helps to support the immune system, support her digestive system, gives her necessary energy, and at the same time has a negative effect on tumor growth.

Shelby had been lethargic, lost her appetite, and seemed very depressed. She was also nauseated, and had diarrhea. When my sister added CocoTherapy coconut oil to her diet, Shelby's appetite increased, she seemed to gain her strength, her nausea and vomitting subsided, and her playfullness returned. She now goes on her daily walks and is interested in treats again. She loves CocoTherapy coconut chips too. There are studies too that show that coconut oil can prevent renegade cells to go "cancerous". Shelby is now in remission, and with the addition of coconut oil in her diet, hopefully will remain in remission and will help to prevent other cancer cells from forming.

Coconut oil is one of the most amazing, nourishing, healing, supportive super-food you can add to your dog's diet.

Dan Olsen
So excited -- Dolce, Coco & Armani love CocoTherapy! Received our package today with CocoTherapy oil and chips in it and the dogs were super excited and loved it! Thank you!

Melissa Trajano-Williams

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