Dr. Harvey's Le Dog Bites for Dogs

Dr. Harvey’s Le Dog Bites for Dogs
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Dr. Harvey's
Le Dog Bites for Dogs


Le Dogue Bites

Bits Of All Natural Healthy Goodness

Dr. Harvey’s Le Dogue Bites are the answer to the dog lover’s quest for a delicious, all natural and healthy treat for their companion dogs! Finally, a natural dog treat with no added salt, sugar, preservatives, or coloring agents. Le Dogue Bites is a totally natural, human consumption grade dog treat that all dogs will love!

Only Human Grade Ingredients and No Preservatives

Dr. Harvey uses only the best ingredients in all of his natural pet products and healthy all natural foods. The freeze-dried fish and beef in Le Dogue Bites is the exact product used in making human consumption soups and sauces. We’re sure Le Dogue Bites natural dog treats will have your dogs asking for more. Your best friend deserves the very best and Le Dogue Bites all natural dog treats have no equal.

**Please always consult your local Veterinarian for advise and management of you pet's health, health concerns and/ or orthopedic problems as further diagnostic testing, treatments and a physical exam may be required. (Supplements are not intended as a substitute for Veterinary Care).
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Our Ingredients Tell It All
Just fish or beef. That's all!
Guaranteed Analysis
Min. Crude Protein … 60% Max. Crude Fiber … 3.6%
Min. Crude Fat ……… 5% Max. Moisture …….. 6%
What a Great Find

"My Dogs Jump When they See The Bag"

" I was laughing so hard this morning when I took out the “bites” for the girls, I had to sit down and email you. I get the chicken and fish and I just ordered the beef. My three girls jump in the air when I take the bag out. They love them and I think it is really funny. Two of the three are seniors and they have no problem with eating these special treats. I love to watch them enjoy them as much as they love to eat them. Well maybe not. By the way my girls are small and these are a perfect size for them. So funny. I call them our “jump for joy bites”."

Donna Bainbridge

What a Great Find I just had to tell you that I bought these treats because I have two overweight bassets. Of course, they love the pieces of chicken. I bought the fish and the beef too and they like all three. But of course they like everything. I LOVE MY DOGS and I do not want them to be fat. I know that it bad for them. I also LOVE to spoil them so Dogue Bites are perfect. I never have to worry about them gaining weight with these as they are so low in fat and really healthy. I had to write to tell how happy they are with their new treats. Thanks Dr. Harvey! We love you!

Hillary Gold
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Healthy and Pure

Le Dogue Bites do not contain wheat, corn, soy or artificial flavorings. In fact, these treats have nothing added at all. Le Dogue Bites are freeze dried bits of beef, fish or chicken and and because they are freeze dried they do not need any preservative at all. So they are healthy and delicious and really fun. Dogs love these treats, they really, really love them.

Great All Natural Training Treats
Le Dogue Bites come in perfect bite-size pieces and make a great motivating tool for training dogs. All you have to do is show the bag and sit,stay and fetch are accomplished with ease. Le Dogue Bites will make the process of training your dog easy and fun. You will love these all natural dog treats and you can feel very good rewarding your best friend every day with these perfect bits of goodness. Le Dogue Bites are the perfect all natural dog treat.