Dr. Harvey's Whisker Smackers for Cats

Dr. Harvey’s Whisker Smakers for Cats all natural treats for cats
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Dr. Harvey's
Whisker Smaker's for Cats

The Very Healthiest Treat for Cats

Whisker Smackers, winner of the 2002 Most Interesting Products for Cats, awarded by Cat Fancy Magazine, are tiny, pieces of fish or beef that cats adore and can’t get enough of.

Low Fat and Chemical Free

Whisker Smackers contain no fillers at all.
They also contain no preservatives or coloring agents or dyes of any kind. These pure bits of fish or beef, have only one ingredient each. Amazing!

No Salt, No Sugar

Up until now it has been difficult to find any product for cats that had no salt or sugar. Whisker Smackers contain neither. Commercial pet products add salt and sugar to enhance the taste of their foods and treats. Not only are these additives unhealthy for your cat, but it dulls there taste for blander more natural foods. Therefore, trying to switch a cat to natural unadulterated foods can sometimes be challenging. Enter Whisker Smackers. Once a cat gets the first taste they are hooked on something that is actually good for them.

Finding Healthy Treats for Cats

We know that it is difficult to find healthy treats for cats. If the treat is healthy, usually cats don’t like them. Whisker Smackers are healthy and cats truly love the taste. Finally, a healthy treat for cats!

The Fun Treat For Cats

Because cats love Whisker Smackers so much, they are really fun to feed. You can play for hours with your cat and motivate that play with these healthy, delicious treats.

Our Ingredients Tell It All

Just delicious pieces of freeze-dried Fish or Beef. No additives, preservatives, coloring agents, salt, sugar or chemicals at all, ever.

**Please always consult your local Veterinarian for advise and management of you pet's health, health concerns and/ or orthopedic problems as further diagnostic testing, treatments and a physical exam may be required. (Supplements are not intended as a substitute for Veterinary Care).
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