Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog 2nd Edition - Guide for Healthier Dogs

Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog - A Holistic Guide for Healthier Dogs
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  • Item #: Natural Dog- Dr. Deva Khalsa
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  • Launguage: English
  • Paperback: 304 pages
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In Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog, pioneering veterinarian Deva Khalsa comes to the aid of dog owners by sharing her effective, integrative approach to natural health and healing for dogs. *Bonus! 50 healthy and tasty recipes—
including doggy birthday cakes!

“ [Dr. Khalsa’s] holistically integrative approach to health maintenance and treatment is a welcome contribution to the advancement of veterinary medicine and the good of all dogs around the world.”
— Dr. Michael W. Fox, veterinarian, syndicated columnist, and author of Dog Body, Dog Mind

Published by Bow Tie Press/ Kennel Club Books, Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog was released in June of 2009 and before the month was over it was on the pet book best-seller list. It has been rated by professionals as a ‘10’ out of ’10’ and repeatedly declared the best book of it’s kind on the market.

“This is the most comprehensive, informative, compassionately written and spiritually insightful book on dog health that I have ever read. Over the course of many years as a dog owner, I have read dozens of books on different aspects of canine health and well-being. I dub this book the 'holistic bible' for dog owners because it contains everything I have been looking for, all in one book: it sets forth specific recipes that maximize nutritional value for dogs; it provides logical, straightforward explanations and recommendations for holistic remedies and common health issues; it provides accurate, easily accessible information regarding the sources for purchasing the appropriate vitamins, supplements and remedies; and, it addresses the most painful of health challenges for dogs, along with fundamental advice as to how to either prevent or treat those concerns.

This is the first book regarding dog 'health' that I have found so lovely to read that I haven't wanted to put it down. Dr. Khalsa's overall style is erudite, elegant and delightful. Her writing is both eloquent and friendly, making this book a pure pleasure to read.

I wish I had this book in my hands before I began my years of nurturing my canine companions. I highly recommend it to every dog owner and potential dog owner, and believe it should be the core of any dog owner's library regarding dog health and well-being. No dog owner should be without this book.”

I just received your book this past Saturday, but did not crack the cover until today because I knew I would not be able to put it down. I am in tears while I am writing this. Thanks for writing such an incredible work of heart.

Mary, Zeke, Miranda, and Carly

• 304 pages
• 5½ x 8½ inches
• Paperback
• Full-color photographs

Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club, Quality Paperback Book Club, and Outdoorsman’s Edge Book Club

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