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Boutique Fancy Fluff's Earth T-Shirt! Helps raise money for Earthly causes such as animals in need and the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure
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Human, Kitty and BIG and Little Pooch alike… Wear it proud and shout it loud… "There is only one Earth it's in OUR hands…"- Mother Earth's coolest BFF

What on EARTH can we do about the escalating problems and global warming that ever take away the gleam of this most breathtaking green planet of which we are all an integral part. We are facing a climate that is well overdue for banding together of social consciousness to collectively bring back the spunk to Her green sparkle! Boutique Fancy Fluff by Little Dog and Cat Clothing Company (President Veterinarian Dr. Bonnie V.) is just the BFF that the Doctor ordered… cool enough to continue to create awareness and make a change!!!!

This shirt is the symbol of a new era of lending a helping hand while we still can, whether it be at a local shelter, partaking in a marathon striving for a cure, standing up for a social cause or helping a charity in anyway that you can. Not only do proudly wearing these shirts for human, kitty and pooch alike represent a collective banding together to make Mother Earth a better place for us all to live in, but it is also designed to help raise money for a favorite social cause of your choosing!!! Take it into your own hands and show how much you care by raising money for your favorite cause at your store, your marathon, your local animal shelter or your local organization by promoting the sales of Earth's BFF shirt! Wear it proud and shout it loud…. "There is only one Earth it's in OUR hands…"

Also don't forget to get your matching roomy shopping tote and human and pooch/kitty tee!

A portion of the Prodeeds of BFF's "There's Only One Earth" product line are dontated to EARTHLY CAUSES such as Animals in Need at Rescues/Shelters and Breast Cancer Awareness. For more information on our Program to help raise money for such shelters as the Delaware County SPCA: CLICK HERE!
Spread the word pass it on... help save lives, make this Earth a better place for all of us to live on!
Pick up fundraising items for you and all your BFFs!
Wear it pround and shout it loud "There is only one Earth... it's in our hands..."

< a href= ";jsessionid=B1462A3BBD003934F938EEB77585BB1B.qscstrfrnt05"target="_blank"> Click Here: for our Featured Fundraising Items of the month!
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