Health and Shine

Feline Cat Health and Shine - helps with skin and coat, joint and mobility, immune function, cardiovascular health, inflammation
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Dr. Harvey's
Health and Shine
A Shiny Coat and so much more!
This is a Whole Food and Herbal Product- All Natural Oil Capsules for Dogs and Cats. Essential Fatty Acid Supplement.
Made in the USA

Dr. Bonnie V. Wright, VMD's Video General Overview of Itchy Skin Solutions :

Dr. Bonnie V. Wright , VMD's Veterinary Video Dr. Harvey's Health and Shine Review :

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What Health and Shine Can Do for Your Dog or Cat:

* Produces a shiny and luxurious coat
* Reduces Shedding
* Improves the immune system
* Reduces inflammation
* Reduces itching, dandruff
* May reduce the risk of heart disease
* Supports the digestive and reproductive systems
* Helps support joints and mobility
* Reduces the hardening effects of cholesterol on cell membranes

Health and Shine is a combination of flax oil, borage oil, fish oil and Vitamin E and is used as a supplement for skin and coat enhancement. In addition these oils help with heart health and circulation as well as joint stiffness and other inflammation in the body.


" I really love this product! This has really helped with my cat's dry flaky skin as well as irritated areas of skin!" "This is Really Great!"
Before I started feeding my cocker spaniel Sam Dr. Harvey's natural food and Health and Shine, he seemed always uncomfortable after eating. He would lick his paws until they were discolored. The vet later told me that his behavior was a sign of allergies. I have been feeding him Dr. Harvey's natural canine food for over a year and the difference in him is amazing. Not only has Sam’s allergies improved but the flaking and dryness on his skin has disappeared. Thank you for producing such a quality product.
-Beth and Sam Sharack-

" I Love this Product !"
I have had so many problems with my dog’s skin and nothing has worked for him. He is a Chinese Crested and he was on medications and creams and I found Health and Shine ... I decided to try it. Within 2 weeks of adding to his food his skin patches have cleared and he is no longer itching.
I love this product and will never be without it. It has truly changed our lives.

-Kara Turnbull-

Itchy Skin?
Health and Shine is wonderful for dogs and cats with dry and/ or with itchy skin. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of flax oil works quickly to relieve itchy or dry skin in dogs or cats. You will be amazed how Health and Shine helps your dog or cat's itchy skin while bringing a shine and luster to the entire coat.

Shiny coat, not more itching what are you waiting for?
It’s so easy just pierce to capsule or add the whole capsule to food.
Stop Shedding in Dogs or cats
You will be amazed when you start to give Health and Shine daily. Health and Shine helps to reduce and stop shedding naturally. In a matter of days you will see flaky, itchy skin in your dog go away and the amount of shedding reduced.
Stop shedding in your dog or cat with Health and Shine. You WILL be amazed.
Health and Shine is a very important and healthy supplement for your dog’s or cat's overall good health and it will help you too as you see how it stops shedding. Why use Health and Shine?

Health and Shine is combination of Borage oil, Flax seed oil, Fish oil and Natural Vitamin E. This combination of oils is the perfect balance of the Omega 3-6-9’s and contains the essential fatty acids needed formaximum health. Borage oil is extremely high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA). In, fact its the highest level derived from any plant source. Flax seed oil is especially rich in alpha linolenic acid (ALA), which is the world’s richest source of Omega 3. Fish oil is very rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). These long chain essential fatty acids are also known as Omega 3 fatty acids. All that said, Health and Shine will truly enhance your cat's coat as well as its health. Help Dog and Cat Skin Allergies

Guardians are so pleased to see how using Health and Shine can help dogs with skin allergies. This simple oil capsule can reduce or stop itching due to skin allergies caused by the environment or certain foods. Of course we encourage you to use preservative treats and foods as a first step in eliminating allergies, as you do this Health and Shine will help to eliminate itchy skin in dogs or cats with skin allergies. Umm... What was that?

Never heard of gamma linolenic acid, or omega 3-6-9’s? These technical health words may be intimidating, but they’re essential to your dog’s or cat's good health. It is the unique combination of borage, flax, and fish oil, along with Vitamin E that makes Health and Shine so special and so effective. All of these oils contribute to beautiful and healthy skin and a shiny coat. But that's not the only reason to give your dog Health and Shine. These oils have tremendous health benefits, which will help your dog or cat to maintain optimal health and longevity.
Essential Fatty Acids Protect Joints

The oils found in Health and Shine not only produce a shiny coat, and help to stop itchy skin in dogs or cats, but will help reduce joint inflammation and keep your dog’s or cat's joints in great condition.

**Please always consult your local Veterinarian for advise and management of you pet's health, health concerns and/ or skin problems as further diagnostic testing, treatments and a physical exam may be required. (Supplements are not intended as a substitute for Veterinary Care).
If you are in the central Philadelphia, Mainline, Chester County or Unionville area please check out Veterinary Home Visit Services see website for details.
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Why Your Dog Needs Health and Shine

Yes, Health and Shine is great for skin and coat. And yes, Health and Shine will help dry ,flaky and itchy skin. Yes, Health and Shine will give your companion a beautiful and shiny coat. And yes, Health and Shine will reduce excessive shedding.
BUT, in addition to all of those wonderful benefits of giving these oil capsules daily, Health and Shine will protect the heart and circulatory system of your companion and will help with joint stiffness and pain. Need to Know More About Supplementation?

Each Health and Shine Capsule Contains:
Borage Oil 400 mg. Flax Seed Oil 400 mg. Fish Oil 400 mg. Vitamin E (mixed tocophorols)10 iu.
Health and Shine is a gel capsule that is used as a dietary supplement providing essential fatty acids. All of This in One Little Capsule?
The benefits of EFA’s or essential fatty acids are well documented. We know now why they are called “essential”. Health and Shine is a perfect combination of flax, borage and fish oil. This combination of essential fatty acids will help your companion feel and look great while protecting their health. In fact, we cannot imagine any reason to leave this out of your companions daily diet.
Health and Shine is a perfect compliment to Canine Health and Veg-to-Bowl or it can be added to any food that you are currently feeding.
Frequently Asked Questions:
How much Health and Shine should I give my dog or cat?

There is a chart on each container of Health and Shine. These oil capsules are given based on body weight. Dogs or cats should get one capsule daily for every twenty pounds of body weight.
A dog or cat weighing 20 pounds or under will take one capsule daily. A dog or cat 20-40 pounds will take two capsules per day etc.

How do I give Health and Shine?

You can give Health and Shine in the daily food. Medium to Large dogs will usually just eat the capsule when mixed in food. Piercing the capsule and putting the contents over the food for a smaller dog or a cat is the best solution. Most dogs and cats adore the taste!

Can I mix the Health and Shine if I make the food up for a few days?
Yes, but do not freeze the oil. We also suggest that you do not cook with the oil. It is best to put the oil in the food just before feeding.