Hilton Herbs Garlic Granules

Hilton Herbs Garlic Granules
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Hilton Herbs Garlic Granules:

Highly palatable human-grade pure Chinese garlic granules. Rich in bio-available Sulphur, Oil, and B group vitamins. Our pure garlic powder can given on a daily basis to help maintain general health and support the immune system.

Contains: 100% Pure cold-pressed dehydrated garlic granules from China

Will my horse eat garlic?

Our garlic is pure, culinary grade, garlic and as such is quite strong-smelling. As with anything new being introduced to your horse's diet, introduce very gradually, ideally associate it with something like sugar beet or molasses, using one or the other as a 'carrier' until your horse gets used to the taste and smell of the garlic. Particularly fussy animals may prefer the garlic granules or even the garlic flakes.

Garlic ( Allium sativum ):
Garlic is known as one of the ‘plague herbs' and was one of the ingredients in ‘thieves' vinegar'. This was a concoction used by the poor individuals press-ganged into burying victims of the ‘Black Death' to help protect themselves from the plague! Until the advent of Penicillin in the 1940's, it was used extensively by doctors in both the first and second World Wars.

Our Garlic Flakes are great for cooking! Use sparingly to replace sliced fresh garlic in stews, marinades, and for pan-frying.


Have been using garlic for about 3 years and find it excellent in repelling flies on my horses and in the barn. Have not had a case of colic as it seems to keep my horses drinking even when cold. Have tried both powder and flakes. Like both but the powder last longer as long as you burp the container to let out moisture.

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