Hilton Herbs Horse - Traditional Herbal Syrup -Gentle and Soothe

Hilton Herbs Horse - Traditional Herbal Syrup - Gentle and Soothe
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Hilton Herbs Horse - Shake No More Gold - Supports Healthy Respiration

Traditional Herbal Syrup - horses love our rich traditional warming herbal syrup, most of them will lick it straight off the palm of your hand. Can be orally syringed if necessary. Ideal for stabled horses, for giving just prior to exercise, or before and during transport.

Traditional Liquorice and Thyme syrup plus tinctures of Elecampane, Plantain and Ginger.

That Hilton Herbs' herbal syrup can be used prior to exercise, especially if the surface of your indoor school or arena is dusty. It can also be used to maintain healthy respiration during prolonged journeys in a trailer or horsebox where air quality deteriorates rapidly.

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