Hilton Herbs Virex Cream - Thuja Cream

Hilton Herbs Virex Cream - Thuja Cream
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Hilton Herbs Virex Cream - Thuja Cream :

130 gram tub
Hilton Herbs Virex cream is formulated and manufactured by the same company that produces our fantastic Phytobalm cream. Taking the finest quality Calendula cream they add Witch Hazel extract with its cooling, soothing, drying and astringent properties, rich and effective Calendula oil and Thuja, the traditional herbal and homeopathic plant for helping to support a healthy immune system. Virex (Thuja) cream is safe to use on even the most sensitive areas, will not harm even if ingested, and should be applied once or twice daily. We recommend using it in conjunction with our Echinacea Plus if necessary.

Contains:The homeopathic and herbal Thuja have been used traditionally for topical treatment of warts and sarcoids.


Carolyn Darley Miller

I used this Virex cream for six months on a "viral problem" just in front of the girth and almost underneath my horse's elbow . . . I used it in combination with Quinton Sea Plasma Solution which i gave orally. It has completely healed and has not recurred.

Star Rating 5

Dancing Horse Farm

I first bought this product years ago when it was called "Ditton Cream" (I like that name better than the new one.) I've used it on several horses who had sarcoids on their faces, in their ears, or on other spots on their bodies. Without exception the cream has helped to either shrink the problem, or make it disappear completely. I apply it several times a week, but not every day. This is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it!

Star Rating 5

Brenda Reinert

I also used this cream about 10 years ago when it was called Ditton. I had a Norwegian Fjord horse that had multiple sarcoids that came back after surgical removal. It worked awesome and all sarcoids (4 in total) completely disappeared!

Star Rating 5

Sue Bonser

When I bought my horse he had a sarcoid which the vet said wouldn t be a problem, the sarcoid opened up and started weeping, I used this cream and it has gone completely. another vet from the same practise couldn't find any trace of a sarcoid on my horse when giving the annual booster and challenged to find it! My horse has got a small wart coming so I will be buying another pot!

Star Rating 5