Hilton Herbs Virgin Hemp oil

Hilton Herbs Virgin Hemp oil
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Hilton Herbs Virgin Hemp oil:

1.05 Pint Bottle
Hemp oil is an excellent plant source of the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. We source our Virgin Hemp Oil from France where it is marketed in some of the finest grocery shops. We are confident that if it’s good enough for the discerning French gourmets, then it’s good enough for our dogs or ourselves!. Our herbalist recommends it to her patients, we use it in the dogs food, and in our own salad dressings or yoghurt smoothies! Note: Fish oils such as Cod Liver Oil are also a source of Omega 3’s, however recent research has suggested that some supplies of these oils may contain unacceptably high levels of PCB’s and heavy metals such as mercury. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Contains: Pure cold pressed Virgin Hemp Oil