Isle of Dogs No. 33 Coarse Coat Shampoo

Isle of Dogs No. 33 Coarse Coat Shampoo 250 ml
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  • Item #: IOD- No 33 Coarse Coat Shamp.
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Isle of Dogs No. 33 Coarse Coat Shampoo 250 ml

Ideally suited for dogs with stiffer or coarser coats, such as most terrier breeds, or for coats that need to "stand up", such as those of Collies or Chow Chows. Contains seaweed (renowned for its conditioning and hydrating benefits with a non-oily nature) and will not soften the coat.

* Featuring seaweed extract, known for its non-oily hydrating benefits which keep the coat in good condition

* Will not soften the coat

* Great for Terriers, Collies and Chow Chows

Weight: 0.60

Please give us a call if you have special needs for your pet (s) . Just what the Doggie Doc ordered! 1-888-412-9233 (9BFF) . Give us a call for shipment coupons and special offers. This item is a special order item. Please Note we can also special order larger sizes (please call 888- 412- 9233 (9BFF)):

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