Music My Pet - Proven to Calm Pets

Music My Pet - Proven to Calm Dogs, Cats and other Household pets.
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Music My Pet - Proven to Calm Dogs, Cats and other Household pets.

Also can help with Separation Anxiety!

Classic cuts has been produced using all the sounds proven to calm dogs, cats and other household pets. Play it when you leave the house, or whenever your pet needs to relax. It's safe, natural and effective. It's the perfect gift for your favorite pet or pet owner!

Created by Tom Nazzoiola and award winning producer and performer well know from Disney's Baby Einstein (an acclaimed music series for children).


"I have 4 rescued dogs, one a puppy mill rescue. He is very nervous and afraid of everything. After looking at your web site I ordered 2 CD's, one for myself and another as a gift. We have extreme thunder storms in LA and the CD has helped calm all the dogs, I find myself calmer too. I volunteer with 4 Paws Rescue Inc in Ruston and I will be suggesting to them to use this CD when they get their new shelter. Life for these stray/abandoned dogs is stressful enough but to come into a shelter with other dogs, put in a kennel, even if it is for their own good, can be an overwhelming experience for some. Thank you for caring about the animals."
- Cheryl Holloway

Phoenix's owner raves: "I love the cd!! This is a great idea and very beautifully performed. The dogs, especially our nervous rescue boy is totally chilled out and it's hiding the traffic noises. It works great.........I'm telling everyone!!"
- Phoenix, Rescue Boy (2 yrs)

Track Selections:

1) No.1 in E Major Op.19, No.1, "Songs Without Words"- Mendelssohn (2:21)
2) 2nd movement, Op.36, Symphony No.2 in D Major- Beethoven (4:31)
3) The Gardener, Op. 1, No. 3 - Brahms (1:59)
4) Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C Major, "Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I"- Bach (1:50)
5) Op.30, No.3 in E Major, "Song Without Words"- Mendelssohn (1:49)
6) Stuckchen, "Album for the Young," Op.68 - Schumann (1:45)
7) Andante ma non troppo e molto canabile, 1st movement, String Quartet No.14 in C# Minor, Op.131- Beethoven (2:59)
8) Prelude, Suite No.1 in G Major for solo Cello- Bach (2:50)
9) Sonata No.3 for Piano in F Minor, Op.5- Brahms (3:57)
10) Impromptu, Op.90, No.3 in G flat- Schubert (3:15)
11) Adagio Cantabile, Sonata Pathetique, Op.13- Beethoven (2:06) 12) Song of the Reaper, "Album for the Young", Op.68 - Schumann (1:02)
13) ***,"Album for the Young", Op.68 - Schumann (1:34)
14) Sarabande - Alessandro Scarlatti (1:38)
15) Arabeske in C Major, Op.18- Schumann (1:56)
16) Des Abends, "Phantasiestucke", Op.12- Schumann (2:36)
17) Kleine Studie, Op.68 - Schumann (1:34)
18) Einsame Blumen, "Waldscenen", Op.82- Schumann (2:29)
19) Etude in E Major, Op.10, No.3 - Chopin (2:35)
20) 2nd movement, Op.163, String Quintet in C Major- Schubert (3:24)
21) Op.30, No.1 in E Flat major, "Songs Without Words", Mendelssohn (3:19)
22) Intermezzo, Op.118, No.2- Brahms (2:16)

Some More Testimonials:

"I have to tell you about the CD, Music for Pets. I was driving home and put it on. The next day I had to pick the dogs up from the Vet (after the long weekend). They were so excited and going bonkers in the car. So I turned on the CD and they calmed down, it was amazing. I had my piano lesson the following Thursday so I played some it for my teacher Lilyia. She couldn't believe how calm the dogs were either. She said her dog, Sasha, goes nuts in the car too. She had an appointment at the Vet about 45 minutes away from her house in a few days and asked if she could borrow it. She called me after the appointment and said her dog was so calm, she just relaxed on her arm and on the way home lay down in the back seat (she never goes in the back seat). She was amazed. She ordered a copy online. Thank you!! I had a lesson today and she returned it to me. I played it for the dogs and they left us alone and just relaxed and went to sleep!
- Laura R. (Wayne, Pennsylvania)

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