Orbee-Tuff® Tug Dog Toy by Planet Dog

Boutique Fancy Fluff presents Orbee-Tuff® Tug Dog Toy by Planet Dog
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Award-winning! Orbee-Tuff® TUG :

A dog's natural instincts are to hunt, explore, socialize and play. We would add tug to that list.

The TUG's award-winning design has just enough give and flexibility to make it the perfect toy to play a rousing game of "tug-o-woof."

Its unique "flip-grip" technology allows contests of strength to be had two ways: Dog vs. Person or Dog vs. Dog.
Recyclable, non-toxic and rinses clean. Made in the U.S.A.
11" long.

This item's main color is blue and accent colors are orange. Please call for other sizes and colors 888-412-9233 (9BFF) Love your BFF ( Boutique Fancy Fluff ) / www.ShopBFF.com

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