Pink Paw Prints Bow !

Pink Paw Prints Bow !
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This super stylish Swarovski Encrusted Doggie Hair Bow is perfect for our Princess doggie/ kitty and human tees! An Adoptive/ Foster sucess story! Mr. Shuffles!!! Happy in his home in NYC!

Poor Mr. Shuffles was super sick! When he got his new home he got the one on one attention that he deserved! With his Veterinary care an his new mom he got the care that he needed to help bring him back to feeling healthy and living life to the fullest!!!

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Mr. Shuffles and his new found buddies!!!

Life is too short!!! We all deserve to live life to the fullest!!!


Adopt a pet today!!! Help support other like him! Pick up a paw full of items off our site and support listings of animals in desparate need of a forever home just like Mr. Shuffles!!!

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