Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Cosmos Balls

Planet Dog Cosmos Ball Dog Toys
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Orbee Tuff ® Cosmos

4 out of 5 Chompers

COSMOS are stellar Orbee-Tuff® toys for really big dogs.

COSMOS are a playful assortment of gigantic orbs floating about the Milky Way: VENUS is pink, MARS is swirly silver, SOL is orange and LUNA, representing the moon, glows in the dark. Each has a Treat Spot™ for hiding big and healthy treats. Designed with big dogs in mind, they are appropriate for 65-100+ lb dogs.

To read more about our Chew-o-Meter and how to sell the most appropriate toy to your customer, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: THAT this item is currently only available in: Luna: White Glow in the Dark Sol: Orange Venus: Pink Cosmos is out of this world...but made in the U.S.A. Like all of Planet Dog's Orbee-Tuff® toys, VENUS, MARS, SOL and LUNA are doggie durable, buoyant, bouncy, minty, recyclable, non-toxic and 100% guaranteed.

5" diameter. $16.50

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