Sam's Yams - Green and Clean - nice for bad breath

Sam's Yams - Green and Clean - nice for bad breath
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Sam's Yams - Cookies - Green and Clean sweet potato treats are made with applesauce and sweet potato along with a healthy blend of greens. Each cookie is prepared with herbs such as parsley, alfalfa, and mint, all sources of chlorophyll, as well as pumpkin seed and papaya for the wellness and enjoyment of your dog. Each 6 oz. package contains about 30 chews.

Feeding Instructions:

We suggest giving your dog 1 per day for small to medium dogs, and 2 for large dogs. Meant as a treat, not a complete food. As with all treats, monitor your dog's chewing.

These have a combined crunchy and chewy texture. They come packaged in a nice snap-top clear clamshell container that is totally recyclable.

If your pet has special needs we do pet product consults! (Just ask us about skin allergies, diet, anxieties, bladder health and much much more!) Just what the Hip Pet Vet ordered!- TM Pet product questions... Veterinary Soultions!-TM

Please call us toll free at 1-888- 412- 9233 (9BFF)

As always if you have any concerns about your pet's health contact your local Veterinarian and schedule an appointment!

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