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WholeCran Intense Cranberry Urinary Tract Health Supplement
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Pure Certified Organic Cranberry Powder

While cranberry is perhaps best known for its effect on urinary tract health, newer research indicates that it may act elsewhere in the body against other bacteria as well. The adhesion of the different types of bacteria that cause both stomach ulcers, and periodontal gum disease, have been shown to be inhibited in the presence of cranberry, and it is likely that other susceptible bacteria will be found as well. In addition, A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association reported that a unique cranberry juice component, a high-molecular-weight nondialysable material (NDM), has the ability to reverse and inhibit the coaggregation of certain oral bacteria responsible for dental plaque and periodontal disease.

Wholistic Cranberry Powder is a natural urinary acidifier that helps aid in the prevention of alkaline urinary calculi. Cranberry is well known as a preventative for urinary tract infections. Modern medical research has revealed the chemical and physiological effects cranberries have on the urinary tract.

***All ingredients are US Certified Organic and come from the USA! ***

Wholistic Cranberry Powder is the highest quality certified organic cranberry powder obtained from USDA NOF and EU whole cranberries.

* Helps maintains more acidic urinary pH
* Helps support urinary tract health
* Bacterial anti-adhesion properties
* Powerful antioxidant

For dog and cat

Modern medical research has revealed the chemical and physiological effects cranberries have on the urinary tract. Evidence has been accumulating which indicates that natural components in the fruit act to inhibit the adhesion of infection-causing E. coli bacteria within the urinary tract.

The compounds responsible have been identified by Howell et al. as proanthocyanidins (PACs), or condensed tannins. While many fruits contain similar compounds, thus far only the PACs of cranberries and blueberries, which are botanically related species, have been shown to exhibit this effect.

My Personal Testimonial: I had been through so much with my Japanese Chin Dog's Urinary Tract problems it was not until Veterinary medical management of his case in combination with the power of cranberries did I finally see a difference! Many of my clients have seen the great benefit of cranberries! I am a true believer in the power of cranberry now and that is why I have brought this product to the Health and Healing Section of our website! **
Dr. Bonnie V., VMD
and Boutique Fancy Fluff (BFF)

**Please always consult your local Veterinarian for advise and management of you pet's health, health concerns and/ or urinary tract problems as further diagnostic testing, treatments and a physical exam may be required. (Supplements are not intended as a substitute for Veterinary Care).
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Please read and follow directions on container:
For use in Dogs and Cats Only:
Small Dogs and Cats ( up to 30 pounds)..........1/8 of a tsp per 10 pounds
Medium Breeds (31 to 50 pounds) ............ 1/4 tsp
Large Breeds (51 to 75 pounds) .......... 1/2 tsp
Very Large Breeds (76 pounds and over) ........... 3/4 tsp
Can be mixed directly in food. Administer daily or otherwise directed by your local Veterinarian.
Please see more details on package label.

Product Facts:
Active ingredients per scoop****:
Organic Vaccinium macrocarpon
(cranberry powder................. 1500 mg)
****(Scoop included; 1 scoop= 1/4 tsp)

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