Wine Country - Bamboo (a natural product) Fabric

Wine Country Leash
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These Leashes are handcrafted in the U.S.A. with the highest quality components.

Made with BAMBOO (a natural product) (same print on both top and bottom of collar or leash). Inner Webbing depending on size made of polypropylene (for support).

Below are Examples only of what the collars and leashes look like on live dog models!
Please keep in mind whatever fabric you choose is the fabric of the corresponding collar and/ or leash you order will come in! Happy shopping!

Collars and Leashes From Boutique Fancy Fluff BFF Matching Headbands, belts for adults, children and baby

Leash Sizes:

1) Short: Width: 1/2 Inch, Length: 4 Ft
2) Short: Width: 3/4 Inch, Length: 4 Ft
3) Short: Width: 1 Inch, Length: 4 Ft

4) Long: Width: 1/2 Inch, Length: 6 Ft
5) Long: Width: 3/4 Inch, Length: 6 Ft
6) Long: Width: 1 Inch, Length: 6 Ft

Easy to Clean: Hand or Machine Wash in cold water and line (or machine dry for larger sizes).

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